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E-Learning Course

Screen Printing - £60.00+vat

This is where you can really learn about screen printing!

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned professional, there is something here for you. You will learn a huge amount.

The course comprises of hundreds of graphics, animations and videos, thousands of facts, hints and tips. There is regular questioning to help you retain the knowledge learnt. At the end of the screen printing course you will take a Final Examination. If you achieve an 85% pass you will be awarded with a certificate, which is accredited by FESPA UK Association, the Association of Specialist Printers and Manufacturers (, that will confirm your newly acquired knowledge. Links to other resources give access to additional information and relevant websites that will satisfy even the most fact hungry learners.

Screen Printing Course Content

This course is broken up into lessons providing information on a range of screen printing topics:

You will have 60 days in which to complete all the lessons and the final exam.

The course has been written by Peter Kiddell who is one of the world's leading experts in screen, digital and pad (tampo) printing.

Payment Methods

During the registration and enrolment procedure, you will be required to make payment through PayPal for the course.
Note: You will need either a PayPal Account or a Credit/Debit Card.

If you are unable or do not have either a PayPal account or a Credit/Debit Card, but still wish to enrol onto our course, please contact on for other payment options.


Test Your Knowledge

Try your hand at one of our online quizzes to see how much you know. Taken from our training and skill enhancement programs, which are delivered to organisations throughout the world, there are no trick questions.

Individuals are competent practitioners and manage problems as they are presented to them. The aim of our programs is to give you the knowledge to avoid problems before they occur and allow you to continuously improve the process.


Benefits of E-Learning

There are a number of benefits which make using an e-learning course very effective.


Target Audience

The target audience for this course are all those who have to operate a printing press and need to understand what is happening on the press and the factors that affect the performance of the process.

Initial research has indicated that people who consider themselves as competent typically score 40% in knowledge tests. The aim is to increase this level of retained knowledge to better than 85%. Supervisors score slightly higher than operators but managers often lower. This shows that everyone will benefit from the course.

The lessons are applicable to every learner no matter what their specialist sector. The intention is to give the learner an understanding of other screen printing methods as well as the aspects of the process that are common to all.

There are lessons that go into the specifics of particular systems and techniques used in the various sectors.


Course Structure

The screen printing course is split into lessons. Each lesson deals with one aspect of the screen printing process. You have up to 2 months to work through the lessons and complete the exam at the end of the course.

As you work through each lesson you will take part in a series of tests, these tests are designed to help you remember key facts from the lesson.

You can re-read a lesson at any time during the course, and a Tutor is available via email to answer any of your questions.

Once you have gone through all the lessons, you will take a final examination. You will not be able to access the rest of the course during the exam and you will need to achieve an 85% pass mark to gain a certificate.



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