Pad Printing Technical CD

Pad Printing Technical CD

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The purpose of this technical pad printing CD manual is to provide a comprehensive resource to beginners and experienced printers alike.

Peter Kiddell, a recognised world expert in the field of pad printing, has written it. Peter and his partner, Carol Swift, travel the world training and troubleshooting in screen, pad and digital printing.


The manual is broken down into the following chapters.

1) History & Principles

2) Advantages & Disadvantages

3) Choosing a Pad Printing Machine

4) Health & Safety

5) Silicone Pads

6) Printing Plates

7) Doctor Blades

8) Sealed Ink Cups

9) Inks

10) Colour Perception

11) Machine Set Up

12) Process Controls

13) Print Hints

14) Quality Perception

15) Material Recognition

16) Pre-Treatment

17) Post-Treatment

18) Static Electricity

19) Design Attributes

20) Process Comparisons

21) Glossary of Terms

22) Appendix of Articles