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Screen Printing CourseThe application of best practice is fundamental to the success of your business. The starting point for this is in production. PDS has the skills and experience to get the very best out of your team and facilities.

We can offer:

Buy our Pad Printing Technical CDWhether your team members are very experienced or new to the industry the PDS print training programs will show immediate gains in performance that will translate straight into increased profitability.

It doesn't stop there as motivated team members develop the processes further using their new found knowledge. The added confidence will strengthen the team and increase jobsatisfaction.

Traditionally people were conditioned by bad practice; PDS makes this a just memory. We work with you to achieve your aims. Companies all over the world have understood the benefits of experiencing the PDS DIFFERENCE, why don't you?



Skill Building

PDS really make a difference where you create the value, in production, with real immediate skill enhancement so your team does things, better, faster, with less waste and with greater returns.

Firstly we would carry out an assessment. Using this as a basis for discussion together we will devise a skill enhancement package that will create immediate and long term benefits for your company. Our consultants are trained assessors and process experts who can create a structure of process improvement that will delight you.



Bespoke Training

PDS deliver practical and theoretical training covering all aspects of screen, pad, digital printing and stencil making. The training is delivered in house using your equipment. Our printing courses are developed specifically to suit your needs. More than 30 years experience in industrial printing has given PDS an enviable level of expertise.

We have highly qualified, expert trainers who will work with your staff. Whether they are new to the process or very experienced, the techniques that are taught will enhance their performance and open new avenues of skills and techniques.

Over the years millions of pounds have been saved by the application of these proven techniques. Companies have grown and flourished and continue to invest in developing new techniques through high quality training. Experience the PDS DIFFERENCE.




Screen Print Training – The only online screen printing course for professionals and those who need to know about screen printing. More facts about screen printing than any other single source. Test your knowledge as you work through the course and just watch it grow. Learn more about screen printing than many screen printers learn in their lifetime. Practical advice and information written by process experts.

Myths are dispelled about screen printing. Clear information allows you to understand the process in depth and then apply it in production. If you are new to the process you will know all the questions to ask of “experts” and potential suppliers. Screen printing is a key manufacturing process in many sectors. It will give you confidence to make full use of the process.



Test Your Knowledge

Try your hand at one of our online quizzes, see how much you know. Taken from our training and skill enhancement programs delivered to organisations throughout the world, there are no trick questions.

Individuals are competent practitioners and manage problems as they are presented to them. The aim of our programs is to give you the knowledge to avoid problems before they occur and allow you to continuously improve the process.

The quizzes are changed regularly and new quizzes added. Come back and see how you perform next time. Or try the online E-learning Course to really challenge your knowledge.



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