This section is being built up. There is much written about digital printing but sadly it is generally a sales pitch which does not always give a balanced view of the process. The area we are concerned with is generally ink jet printing and the articles and content on this site will always aim to be balanced. Of course brand names and manufacturer specific techniques will be mentioned but it is not a recommendation but simply part of the explanation.

Digital inkjet is a wonderful process with a constantly evolving technology. The key is the relationship between the head and ink formulations. As head technology is more forgiving of different ink systems so the process will grow. The vast majority of digital print applications are in the graphics field where process inks are the main systems in use. Industrial applications are growing as head technologies evolve. We will try to gather articles in this sector as well as graphics.

We are always seeking new authoritative information which is clearly written not a sales pitch. If you feel you can contribute any content will be attributed to you with the necessary links. PDS International Limited is not interested in plagiarising your work only making it available to a larger audience.

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