Stencil making is a very critical element of the screen printing process but is treated as the poor relation. If the stencil is not correct it doesn’t matter how good your printer is or how sophisticated the press, you will not be able to improve the quality of the print. By following the advice given here you will remove many variables from the screen printing process. The stencil production or screen making department is often stuck away in a dark corner of the print facility. Dirty and badly organised it should actually be the cleanest part of the establishment. PDS International Limited works throughout the world and it is very rarely that we come across a stencil production unit that cannot be more effective. The degree to which a production unit has to develop is dependent on the application but one thing is sure the better the stencil the easier and more profitable the printing process.

Readers will see an increase in the number of articles on the site as we gather content from sources that are not always readily available. One of the reasons for the movement from screen printing to digital printing in graphics applications is the manner in which screen printers produced their stencils. The result of this has been the removal of screen printing equipment that would actually have done a better more profitable job than its digital replacement. Those who have mastered stencil production have benefited greatly. In industrial applications knowing the temperature of the frame and mesh throughout stencil production and on the printing machine is important as it will affect performance of the process. This also applies in graphics but is not so noticeable.

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