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Aim of PDS International

Established in 1990, PDS International has become a major international screen print training provider. The PDS Team is dedicated to building on the foundations they established as pad and screen print consultants, to help further the understanding of those within the printing industry. In the last 10 years PDS has also incorporated digitial printing into their offering.

PDS believes that printing companies need to know more that just what buttons to press or how to manage a system. Our clients benefit from understanding the fundamentals of a process so that problems can be avoided rather than just solved and are then able to create a solid operational base to get the very best from their chosen process. This down to earth approach from PDS has paid dividends for hundreds of companies.

Over the 20 years of trading PDS International has become the foremost consultancy in this area with clients, many of who are household names, throughout the world.

"Encourage and develop best practice in all aspects of production and associated processes in printing"



Click to Email CarolCAROL SWIFT

Carol is a very practical individual and loves the cut and thrust of the production environment, planning, organising, avoiding problems, etc. Pad printing is her first love and she is never happier than when she is teaching people about the process.

Carol wanted to be a pilot in the RAF but women were not accepted so she started her working career by completing a Mechanical and Production Engineering Apprenticeship at the EITB in Sheffield, the only female apprentice amongst some 200 apprentices. Carol went on to work as a technical support engineer visiting customers carrying out demonstrations and machine installations. Then Carol joined Peter as his Technical Director of Product Decoration Services and was responsible for managing two printing facilities, before becoming his business partner in PDS.



Click to Email MarkMARK WHALLEY

Mark is the administrative anchor to the team. He is a systems man who revels in the intricacies of databases, websites and programming. Mark has been responsible for the development online learning structures that are so important to individuals and companies in building their knowledge of screen printing.

He also works constantly to maintain current and relevant information on our website. Mark is our Webmaster and can answer any queries with regards to the operation of the site.

Mark also controls our ftp site that enables clients to communicate securely with PDS in tracking of actions and activities on specific projects and initiatives.



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