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M&R Performer Carousel - 12 Colour/16 Station

Location: Glasgow, UK

Price: £13,800.00

Manufacturer: M&R

Model: Performer

Serial No.: 120249390P

Type: Carousel

No. Colours: 12 colour/16 station

Method of Operation: Semi automatic

Year of Manufacture: 2002

Maximum Print Area: 50cm x 70cm

Overall Diameter: 6m

Ancillary Equipment:
1 x Set of standard platens
1 x Set of oversize platens
1 x Set of flood coaters
1 x Set of 16" squeegee holders

Availability: Immediately

Operational: De-commissioned

Seller Statement:
It is important to note the M&R performer is the same press as the M&R Challenger II - which is still in production I believe - simply marketed for the European Market (still manufactured in the USA). According to M&R, the European market demanded the 'additional extras' such as servo driven and AC heads as standard, hence the different name. This means spares are easily attainable, or so I have found with my 14/16.

It was running well in production until being de-commissioned and put into storage about 6 months ago.

The Servo drive has been re-programmed by M&R. I believe this was wiped when the battery was allowed to die on the servo amplifier.

I would assume the impression count is similar to the other one it ran alongside at 5.5million impressions.

Here is a video of the press in operation, please note this is not the press being sold but the exact same model in the US to show functionality as it’s around the same age but with extra heads and stations, but it has all the same features.


I also have another M&R, which I use in my print shop so I will be able to help with any other questions about the operation, etc.

Two heads may need air leaks fixed and sensors replaced, I can't quite remember, but everything else functions as it should.

Happy to load at our end free of charge.

2 x working M&R Cayenne Quartz Flash units (24" x 31") available at extra cost, £1,150 each.

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